Want to become a product tester? These 29 companies will send you free products for reviews!

Influenster VoxBox contains FREE products for reviews
Credit: JongDaeIng

Being a product tester is a pretty cool gig. 🛍

Believe it or not, there are tons of people just like you who are getting FREE products in exchange for their honest reviews. If that sounds too good to be true, it’s not!

If you’ve ever wondered how to become a product tester or product reviewer, we’re here to help! We vetted several major companies to make sure they were legit. If you’re ready to start getting products, check our list of the best companies offering to send you free stuff. Don’t forget to follow our tips to make sure those freebies keep on coming!

29 Companies That Will Send You FREE Products To Review:

1. Influenster

get free products for reviews with Influenster VoxBoxes
Credit: Courtney, Influenster User

Influenster is one of the most well-known companies that sends free products in exchange for reviews and it’s super easy to get started. All you need to do is sign up, download the app, and make sure your profile is filled out to completion. Soon, you’ll receive what’s known as a VoxBox. Inside will be samples and even full-size items. The product categories are widespread and include beauty, personal care, grocery, beverage, pets, health, and toys.

For the best experience, stay active on the app, check your notifications, and engage with Influenster on social media. That’s the best way to keep those VoxBoxes coming. Influenster is totally legit, but we’ve seen a few bad reviews online related to their cash-back campaigns. Take our advice and skip those and just do the product reviews. You’ll get plenty of goodies just for giving your honest feedback. For a preview of what you might receive, check out this Reddit page with user pictures!

2. Social Nature

Social Nature sends you free products for reviews
Credit: Jongdaeing

Are you looking to make the switch to a healthier lifestyle? Social Nature is on a mission to help you out! They’re a company that promotes natural, sustainable, and “better-for-you” products. When you sign up on their website and fill out your profile, you can take a survey to apply to receive a coupon or voucher for a full-size sample to try! If selected, pick up your sample at your local store or order it online using the promo code provided to you. Once you try it out, you’ll be asked to leave feedback.

Sample products fall into a variety of categories and you may get offers for popular brands like Primal Kitchen, Green Valley Creamery, Marco Ice Cream, Bob’s Red Mill, and Derma E. Visit the Social Nature website to browse the different offerings and create your profile. If you’re interested in being a product tester, Social Nature is one of the most highly-rated companies that help you get free products for reviews.

3. Sampler

Sampler Box sent to product tester with FREE products for reviews
Credit: Sweetartiz

A ton of major companies use Sampler to get feedback on their products. If you’re interested in getting some free products in return for reviews and surveys, head over to Sampler and sign up. Fill out the questionnaire to completion and keep in mind that your responses are used to determine the offers you receive. Sampler contacts you via email but you are also able to log into the website to claim offers. Expect your box of freebies to contain both small and full-size items.

The key to being happy with product testing programs is to have realistic expectations. If joining this program, keep in mind that it may take 4 – 8 weeks to receive your box once ordered. Also, many Sampler boxes are sent to you free of charge but some might have a shipping and handling fee so read your offers carefully. We think it’s still worth your time. According to TrustPilot and the Subreddit /freebietalk, Sampler is one of the most well-liked and reliable product testing programs!

4. MESH01

woman on computer

Join up with the professionals. MESH01 is a product testing company that helps major brands complete pre-market testing in order to bring the very best products to consumers. Some of the brands they have worked with include L.L. Bean, Asics, Ralph Lauren, Timberland, VANS, Calvin Klein, Tommy Johns, and Columbia.

If you want the opportunity to test and keep products (plus get other incentives) head over to the MESH01 website and apply. The expectation is that your feedback will be honest and timely. You will also be expected to continue to give feedback during the entire duration of the study even if it takes a few weeks.

5. Gratsy

Gratsy Box of free Samples for review

Are you active on social media? Connect with Gratsy! They not only send you curated samples from popular brands, but they also donate to charities like Make A Wish, The Humane Society, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, and Feeding America. Some of the brands that Gratsy has paired with include Hormel, Home Chef, Warner Bros., Mattel, Clorox, Amazon, and Netflix.

Signing up is a cinch. Head over to Gratsy’s website and join the community. Then, download their app and fill out your profile. When you match with a product, they will send samples your way. Every time you give them feedback, Gratsy donates to charity! 🙌 ❤️

6. BzzAgent

bzzagent box sent to product tester with free products for reviews
Credit: LiftLoveLive

BzzAgent is a company that will send you sample products (sometimes full-size) in exchange for a review, feedback via a survey, or a social media post. We’ve come across some negative reviews about customer service or not receiving an item. However, we’ve found the exact opposite too and those that love BzzAgent, really LOVE BzzAgent. They were mentioned many times online as being one of the main legitimate websites that send freebies to product testers. One Reddit user even documented every single product they received over the past year and they made out BIG TIME!

If you want to give BzzAgent a shot, head over to their website and sign up. Make sure to fill out your profile and answer the surveys thoroughly.

7. InStyle Trendsetters

instyle trendsetter product testers get free products for reviews

InStyle magazine is looking for product testers! Become an InStyle Trendsetter where you share your opinions with the magazine and get an opportunity to try out brand-new products in exchange for feedback. Those who participate get a chance to win BIG prizes every quarter. It’s easy to sign up. Just visit the website and provide your information.

Hip Tip: If you live in the UK, Vogue Magazine has a similar program called Vogue Insiders.

8. thePinkPanel

product tester applying free makeup for thePinkPanel

Are you a woman that’s a sucker for haircare, skincare, cosmetics, or personal care products? The top US women’s consumer testing panel, thePinkPanel, is looking for you to join them! Sign up to apply to be one of their product testers or part of their focus groups. There are typically 1-3 opportunities each week.

There is no guarantee that you will be chosen (each study has specific criteria and demographics needed), but if you are then you’re in for a treat. Not only will you often get to keep the product sent to you, but you also might get paid for your time! Compensation is usually $25 – $100+ in gift cards or beauty products. Those who participate in online or in-person focus groups often receive $100 as payment.

This company is legit but you may have a lot of competition to get picked. For the best chance at being chosen, put your hand in for each opportunity and answer the surveys completely. It doesn’t hurt to follow their Facebook account either.

9. L’Oreal Consumer Testing

applying loreal
Some of your favorite brands, like L’Oreal, also need product testers. The L’Oreal Consumer Testing Panel, sometimes called L’Oreal VIP Testing Program, was created just for this purpose. The company hosts an On-Site panel in Clark, NJ, but they also have an At-Home testing program that sends you free products to review. Each study takes about a week and L’Oreal hosts these studies a few times per month. Like thePinkPanel, you aren’t guaranteed to be chosen to participate but this program may be worth your time anyways.

A good reason to sign up is that L’Oreal often provides compensation. 💰 If you’re interested, visit the L’Oreal VIP Testing Program website and register. Panelists are given access to a dashboard that provides the information and compensation for each available study. When a new study is approaching, you’ll receive an email alerting you to check your dashboard. For the best chances of getting chosen, keep your account active and check your dashboard often.

10. Home Tester Club

Home Tester Club Product Tester Photo of an Ice Maker
Credit: Cheesecakesgf

The Home Tester Club prides itself on honesty and they want to send you free products in exchange for an authentic review. It’s easy to join. Simply head over to their website and click the join now button and fill out all the information asked of you. Then, go to the test section of their website and apply to receive the products you feel you’d qualify to receive.

Home Tester Club is a legitimate site but they have over 4 million members. Each study can only accept a certain amount of testers, so keep that in mind. The competition to be chosen is steep but those who are chosen, seem to love being a part of the club. We aren’t surprised considering one product tester got the personal chiller above! 🧊

11. McCormick Consumer Testing

mccormick grill mates seasoning

Are you a fan of McCormick seasonings? This company PAYS YOU to become a product tester and provide them with feedback. To become a product reviewer, visit McCormick’s Consumer Testing website and apply to become a panelist.

If you fit the demographic for one of their studies, they will send you an email and ask you to answer a few questions. If you’re picked, you receive free products to try and can make $10 – $15 for your at-home testing. Those that happen to live near Hunt Valley, Maryland may qualify for an in-person study which makes up to $100! 🙌

12. Daily Goodie Box

be a product tester with daily goodie box
Credit: blastkat

The popular website, Daily Goodie Box, offers users the chance to receive a box full of freebies! Head on over to their website to sign up. You’ll want to log in every day to try to claim a box. There is no guarantee you’ll be picked but it’s worth a shot. The website has a section where you can browse pictures of recent boxes and the items inside are pretty sweet and even include full-size products.

Plus, TrustPilot gives this website 4.8 stars, so it’s legitimate, but watch out for any shady offers. Word on the street is that the trick to scoring a box is to not only sign up on the website, but to also comment on the Daily Goodie Box’s Facebook page. If you do snag a box, let us know what you think!

13. JJ Friends & Neighbors

johnson baby hand and face wipes

The popular brand Johnson & Jonson also has a consumer testing panel and they want people like you to provide them feedback. You must be 18 or older to join. If you qualify, head over to the JJ Friends & Neighbors website and register. You’ll receive an email when there is a study available.

If you’re hoping to snag a free product, look specifically for the product tester studies. Otherwise, you’ll be participating in online studies and focus groups. The company does sometimes offer compensation which they describe as “an honorarium” through the “JP Morgan Chase Payment System.”

14. Philips

phillips norelco trimmers in use

The recognizable brand Philips is another major company that is looking for product testers. Just sign up and apply. If selected, Philips send you an email. Depending on the study, you’ll either get the product for free or get it for a discount.

You’ll be required to give some comprehensive feedback to Phillips and also write a product review. Then, the product is yours to keep. It’s pretty simple. This might be a good program to apply to if you’re a fan of their household appliances, audio equipment, personal care items, or baby goods.

15. Kolcraft’s Mom’s Matter Program

baby riding in a stroller

Calling all moms (and dads too)! Kolcraft wants to send you free baby products! Sign up as a product tester to receive free goods like baby carriers, strollers, and more in exchange for a review, honest feedback, and perhaps a social media post. You can also provide feedback via surveys and receive a gift card to places like Amazon or Target for your participation.

Parents located in the Chicagoland area can participate in on-site focus groups for participation and even let their baby become a model for $75 an hour. 📸

Signing up is easy. Head over to the Kolcraft website and fill out the necessary information. Keep an eye on your email for the next steps!

Hip Tip: Are you a mom AND an influencer? If so, apply to MomsSelect for more free products.

16. Homeschool.com

A mom helping daughter with homework at a kitchen table

Do you homeschool your children? If so, Homeschool.com could use your help. The company never releases a book, course, or content without first consulting its product testers. In return for your opinions, you’ll receive free books, kits, and Special Reports.

To join the program, register on the Homeschool.com website. The company will contact you via email and they even have a special Facebook group just for their product reviewers.

17. Sample Source

Sample Source USA gives away free samples

If you’re looking to get samples completely for free, Sample Source is a site you might be interested in joining. This company sends you freebies and doesn’t even require you to write a review. They usually have samples in the fall, spring, and summer. To register, sign up on their site and fill out your profile. When Sample Source has a product that matches your needs, you’ll receive an email notification. These freebies are first come first serve, so when you receive an email that samples are available, HURRY and run to the site to claim the ones you want.

Products often fall into the categories of beauty, health, food, and household cleaning. Many users who have left a review received products like energy bars, laundry detergent pods, floor cleaner, or pet food. You are allowed to claim samples once per offer period and you will only get one package per household.

18. The Insiders

Kopari Coconut Melt user photo of free review products at The Insiders
Credit: Hairan Zuchelli

This website asks product reviewers to join campaigns and each campaign has different requirements. You might be asked to share your opinion online, take an unboxing video, or host a party with your friends to try the product. There are several campaigns where you get to keep the product for free. However, if the product is expensive like a television, you might be required to provide payment. Once you complete the requirements of the test, you’ll be offered the product at a discounted rate and refunded some of your money back.

The campaign information tells you if it’s free or if it requires a deposit so read carefully to choose which items work best for you. The site gets 4.6 stars on TrustPilot so these are legitimate offers. As most of the complaints come from people who provided payment and were not reimbursed in a timely manner, it might be best to stick to the free campaigns.

This website requires a little more work on your part but we’ve seen some users get items like watches, expensive skincare, yummy snacks, and electronics. To join, head over to The Insiders website and apply. If you fit the criteria for a study, The Insiders sends you the next steps. If you’re a budding Influencer, The Insiders might be right for you as you’ll have a good shot at getting those higher ticket items.

19. FitBit

persons wrist showing off a black watch

If you’re a fan of FitBit, apply to be one of their beta testers. The items you receive will be in the early stages of development so your feedback will be crucial to helping FitBit perfect their products. The company doesn’t provide much information on how the program works or whether or not you get to keep the products for good, but if you’re interested, head on over to their beta website and apply.

Hip Tip: Make sure you review your purchases anytime you shop! If you regularly review products on their website, companies like Kohl’s and Amazon may send you a personal invitation to become a product tester.

20. Red Robin

red robin product testing

Love endless fries and hamburgers? Red Robin has a taste-testing opportunity that you might be interested in pursuing. The popular restaurant chain is always looking for product testers and they do compensate you for your time.

Sign up to become a Red Robin Panel Member where you’ll participate in focus groups, online research, and tastings. These activities normally last about an hour and they take place at Red Robin’s testing facility in the Denver Tech Center or at a Red Robin near you. Each study has a limited number of participants so you aren’t guaranteed a spot, but if you love their menu items, it’s worth a try. Though the products aren’t sent to you, we still thought the program should make our list.


PINCHMe Sample Box
Credit: Blastkat

PINCHMe is a well-known site for those looking to get freebies. It used to be very highly rated but it seems in recent years that it’s getting some negative reviews for both infrequent boxes and spam offers. It’s still considered a major player in the consumer testing arena so we’re keeping it on our list for now.

One tip for getting samples is to check the site every week on Sample Tuesday. That’s when new samples come in that you can try to claim. Some of the recent products available were Haribo Gummy Bears, Olay Regenerist Collagen Peptide Cream, and the ILIA cosmetics shown above. If you’re interested in giving PINCHMe a shot, head over to their website and fill out your profile.

22. The Good Housekeeping Institute

Good Housekeeping

Fans of Good Housekeeping magazine have a chance to join their consumer testing panel. This exclusive offer is only available to a select lucky few. You must be a GH+ member to be considered and the cost for that membership is $20 a year. In case any of our readers already happen to be GH+ members, we wanted you to know of the opportunity. Select product reviewers have received major appliances or even mattresses to test.

Interested? A few weeks after joining GH+, you’ll receive an email to apply to become a product tester with the Good Housekeeping Institute. Follow the link in the email to create your profile and sign your consent forms. If you have questions, visit the Good Housekeeping website for more information.

23. PopSugar Dabble

PopSugar Dabble Perfume Samples
Credit: Shockadelica81

Lovers of beauty products may want to sign up for samples at PopSugar Dabble. We hear that they often send out items like perfume. It’s free to join though the samples may come infrequently (so set your expectations accordingly). All you have to do is register, create your profile, and fill it out completely. If you’re chosen to receive samples, make sure to leave your feedback if you expect to get more!

24. Ripple Street

Ripple Street Reviewer Party

Do you love to entertain? Are you the friend who is always letting your group know the best new products on the market? If so, Ripple Street was made for people just like you. It’s completely free to sign up and by doing so you’ll receive products, coupons, and special offers.

Try out the freebies with your loved ones and post to social media about your experience. Some of the brands you might receive products from include Canon, The Body Shop, Nintendo, and CONAIR.

25. Clicks Research

become a product tester at clicks research

This research company is dedicated to helping brands test out their products in real-world environments. They are happy to send you free stuff to try. You just need to complete a survey once you’ve finished trying out the product. That’s it. There is no catch and you get to keep the products! You can even earn Clicks Points that can be redeemed for cash!

Last year, Clicks Research gave out over 100,000 freebies to people just like you. They work with brands like The Body Shop, Marks & Spencer, and more! Products fall into the categories of beauty, skincare, household goods, clothing, food, pets, and more. If you want to become one of their product testers, visit their website to join. You must be at least 18 or be 16 and older and have your legal guardian’s permission.

26. Highlight

Highlight boxes of FREE samples for review

Highlight is a market research company that strives to help brands bring the best products to consumers. They’ve worked with Colgate, Nestlé, King’s Hawaiian, MARS, Pepsi, Mission, and Estée Lauder. They pride themselves on being able to get products to the right target market, and that’s where you come into the picture!

Apply to be considered on their site by filling out this application. If you happen to have a referral code, it might speed up the process (try asking for one on /freebietalk). If you’re accepted, you’ll get to keep the products and you might even earn a little money in the process. Highlight does have strict criteria for each study so don’t be disappointed if you don’t qualify for one.

They try to get each of their testers 4-6 boxes throughout the year (you’ll never have to pay a dime). Your feedback is due about one week after receiving the box. If you enjoy this gig and want to avoid getting booted from the platform, make sure you answer your feedback within that time frame and make sure your review is insightful.

27. TryIt Sampling

Hero Perfume product testing for TryIt This company uses product reviewers to gain feedback for major brands like Lancôme, PetSmart, Pepsi, Unilever, and more. It is an invitation-only platform, but you can sign up to be on their waitlist. If you’re lucky, you’ll receive an email from TryIt with an invitation to join. Product testers get to keep the items they receive in exchange for a thoughtful and authentic review. You can register for two accounts per household which helps your chances of getting picked. Good luck!

28. Various Shoe Companies

Brooks Women's Black & Pink Divide 2 Trail Running Shoe

You’d be surprised just how many shoe companies will let you try a pair of shoes for free. You usually get to keep the shoes for 4 – 6 weeks in exchange for your feedback. The catch is that you often need to send the shoes back for analysis. You may or may not get them sent back to you in return.

The following shoe and apparel companies have active product tester programs:

29. TryProducts

Carefree Chocolate Bar from TryProducts

TryProducts has paired with over 300 brands and sends out thousands of items each month to product testers. To join their team, sign up for free and fill out your application completely. You’ll get free products for reviews but must send that feedback in a timely matter.

A neat feature of TryProducts is that they also feature a product every day that you can try to claim. If you aren’t selected but still want that product, they usually have a discount code you can use. At the time of this article, the daily product was Carefree Chocolate.

Hip Tip: To have the best experience with product testing programs, set reasonable expectations and always follow the instructions. To continue to be considered for freebies, do the surveys or reviews that are asked of you by the company.

Most users who seem unhappy are those expecting boxes in their mailbox frequently. The reality is that there are many people trying to get these samples and only so many items to go around. Go into the experience realizing some sample boxes take a while to be received. After all, you are getting the items inside free of charge!

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