DIY velvet pumpkins are the prettiest fall decoration!

collection of diy velvet pumpkins displayed near art

Fall means pumpkins! 🎃 

Better yet, velvet pumpkins make for some gorgeous and unique fall home decor, so here’s a fun DIY tutorial so you can make your very own velvet pumpkins at home for cheap!

And it’s easy to make them – here’s how:

These trendy plush velvet pumpkins sold at home decor stores and online boutiques can be a little pricey, but they’re actually pretty simple to make! We especially love the DIY version because the options are endless using any fabric you want while still getting a high-end look.

hand holding green velvet pumpkin

I mixed up my pumpkins by using some Crushed Panne Velvet and upholstery fabric I found on clearance. Then all you do is cut circle shapes out of fabric, hand stitch around the edges, then stuff with dried beans and fiber stuffing. Easy peasy, right?!

pumpkin stems

pumpkin supplies

cloth circle with dry beans in the middle near sewing supplies

sewing pumpkin edges

closing velvet pumpkin

sewing pumpkin closed

closed velvet pumpkin

velvet pumpkin

DIY Velvet Pumpkins




Find a large circular object such as a plate, pot, pizza stone, etc. to trace a circle on the backside of your fabric using a marker or pen. Pick a circle shape at least 6″ in diameter and cut your fabric.


As a tip, use a variety of sizes if you’re making multiple pumpkins so you have a diverse selection of pumpkins to display.


Place the circle with the wrong side of the fabric facing up and sprinkle some beans in the middle. Create a running stitch around the edges of your circle.


Gently start cinching the edges, but don’t tie off the thread yet. Fill the pumpkin with the desired amount of stuffing.


Pull tightly to close the hole and stitch the opening together. Crisscross the opening with tight stitches. Tie off the thread.


Optional step: On a couple of my smaller pumpkins, I finished by stitching through the top and bottom while pulling tightly. This gives a more realistic, smashed-down look.


Glue stems on the top of your pumpkins. Enjoy!

woman holding velvet pumpkins

Here are a few DIY tips to keep in mind when making velvet pumpkins:

  • Collect dry stems from real pumpkins, gourds, etc. or you can use cut-up branches for a more rustic look. To glam them up, you could even spray-paint them gold or silver.
  • Instead of using expensive velvet fabric, you could opt for this Crushed Panne Velvet which comes in many colors and is only $8.24 a yard – super cheap compared to the other expensive options!
  • Go thrift shopping for cheap fabrics. There are many ways to save at thrift stores, so why not shop for some unique fabric while you’re there? Plus, more than likely you’ll end up paying way less than buying it new.
  • Use an extra strong thread. This is very important so that when you’re pulling your thread tightly to close the top of the pumpkin thread won’t break.

pile of various velvet pumpkins sitting on wood tray table

These whimsical velvet pumpkins are so fun to make! 😍

They look so cute grouped together for a festive centerpiece or on a large tray or bowl. Grab a group of friends, and make this a fun fall craft activity!

Thinking about buying some velvet pumpkins instead?

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gray and white velvet pumpkins on jute table

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